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Hackathon is an email template for the Computers & Internet industry. Pick this responsive Hackathon template and start building beautiful emails today Hackathon event is the ideal template for the industry. Browse our responsive templates and start building beautiful emails now Sub: Letter of invitation for Hackathon. Dear (Sir/Madam), I am writing this letter to invite you to the event of Hackathon as we youngster is very excited to organize it and experience it. With this, we will have the knowledge and ideas through which we can improve ourselves. There will be competitions as well between several programmers to. HACKATHON_NAME - The name of your hackathon, for use in templates; DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL - This can be used in templates, and it will also be used by Django's email system) CONTACT_EMAIL - By default, the same as DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL. The email users should contact you at, for use in templates; REGISTRATION_OPEN_DATE - When registration open Hackathon. Email Template for Events. Account Completion. Email Template for Activation. Account Activation. Email Template for Activation. Feature Announcement. Email Template for Product Launch . Next. Templates built for every need. Kickstart your design process with one of our ready-to-go email templates for Computers & Internet. Browse Catalog. Beautiful, responsive email templates.

An idea submission form is exactly what it sounds like: a form or quick survey that employees use to submit their test or personalization idea. Many teams use this submission system to gather perspectives from all over the organization, socialize data-driven optimization at the company, and create a pool of ideas for the team to choose from For internal hackathons, use emails, posters, social media, and intranet to get the employees interested; involved the management, asking them to become mentors or judges to show that everyone is working toward the same goal. Your community managers can maximize participation using email campaigns, radio ads, and other media channels. If you don't have enough resources to manage the.

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  1. This template helps hackathon judges to evaluate a project and also articulate meaningful, constructive feedback to the hackathon team. The objective of this form is to make the evaluation of a project more objective and transparent by using the embedded 9-criteria assessment model. The form consists of four major sections: The Project identifiers. This section captures the name of the.
  2. Here's a sample rule set.. 5. Promote the Event. Create a landing page for your event where participants can learn about your hackathon, read the rules and register for the event. If you don't have the resources to manage registration and publicity yourself, publish the hackathon on DevPost. 6
  3. ds and skip your event, or quit on your products at any moment Wow, that's a scary thought. Here, registration confirmation emails are your breakthrough to increase your registrants' conversion rate. Luckily, that's exactly what I'm covering for you in this guide: Why should you use registration.
  4. OutSystems Email Templates | Page 1. 1 | Invitation. A. Participants. Helloi, Calling all developers and students! We'd like to invite you to participate in the (name) Hackathon powered by company name), sponsored by (company name). This hackathon will be focus on _____. This free event will be held on _____ (date) at _____ (venue name and address). It will be an amazing weekend with.
  5. If you also want to manage your ideas in Confluence: create a hackathon idea template (with label hackathon-ideas for example), I also sent out an email which contained . calendar invites for the hackathon date as well as both brown bag meetings; links to our hackathon information page (refer to information hub, in our case Confluence) a short how-to on submitting project ideas ; Stage 3.
  6. Create professional pure HTML code according to advanced email templates coding experiences and responsive better engagement rate for emails opened on mobile email templates fast time reducing for every new email creation by optimizing processes and automation without any HTML skills advanced drag-n-drop email template builder with 600+ free designed templates and thousands of various ready-to.

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In order to use this teaser email template for your future campaigns, you will just need to replace current content with yours. And your email will be ready to go! Use this template. Teaser email subject lines. But let us always remember that it all starts with the campaign's message that is carefully expressed in the subject line no matter how beautiful your email is. Some big companies can. Hackathons have gotten a bad rap because of some that have an unhealthy, competitive structure, and for setting unrealistic expectations. Don't run a hackathon like that and you'll be on the right track. Here are the goals I keep in mind: Strengthen the community that the hackathon is for. Be welcoming to newcomers to the community. Provide an opportunity for participants to learn. If you're not already using BEE, sign up for a free trial of BEE Pro and get access to hundreds of templates and design features to create your own mysterious teaser email campaigns! Share this post with your friends! Pin it on Pinterest . Our Reader Score: Total: 8 - Average: 2.1. Dec 8, 2020. Jules Costa. Tags: brands email design teaser email. Subscribe to the email design newsletter. For example, if the template filename is foobar.template, the email content would be ${SCRIPT, template=foobar.template}. Refer to the following examples for doing various things with the built-in Groovy templates: jenkins-matrix-email-html.template. jenkins-generic-matrix-email-html.template. Attachments . New to version 2.15 is the ability to add attachments using the Ant pattern matching. Emails . While other channels are useful too, email will be the one channel where you reach all participants. All important information should be sent out via email. Emails to everyone 2 weeks before . Wikimedia Hackathon 2017 Vienna: Email #1: 2 weeks before. wm2016:Hackathon Email1 2 weeks before wm2015:Hackathon Email1 2 weeks befor

Being as succinct as possible while still conveying all necessary information is crucial for event invitation emails. Key Takeaway: Maintaining a simple design while still conveying all necessary information is the right balance to strike. 2) Livefront Augmented Reality Demo: Less is More A hackathon is a short intensive event during which people come together, form teams and attempt to complete a project that is of interest to them. Teams are usually collocated, and often composed of people with diverse backgrounds, experience, and expertise [1]. To get a more concrete idea we provided links to hackathons we co-organized here

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Accept registrations from individuals or team for hackathon event using this hackathon registration form. This hackathon template has all the questions that you need to know from every participant. For event organizers, use this hackathon registration to get all the teams and individuals to register and join the event together to innovate new ideas, address challenges and solve complex problems The email template V13 is made for topic suggestions that the user might find interesting. If you are running an active blog or a community, free responsive email templates like this will help you bring more readers into your website. Plus, you can also add some messages to the email to deliver a personalized experience. Big image spaces are there in this template, which you can use to add.

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Developing HTML templates doesn't require a lot of coding skills, however knowing how to code the template to appear correctly on all devices and old email clients is the real challenge. In this blog post, I will go through a step by step guide on how to build a cross-platform-compatible dynamic email template via HTML, CSS, and PHP Der Download beinhaltet alle drei E-Mail Templates in vier verschiedenen Farben (Blau, Grün, Grau und Orange) für insgesamt 12 Optionen. Die Dateien sind als ZIP-Datei verpackt und nur 32 MB groß, also sollte der Download ziemlich fix gehen. Du kannst sie in drei einfachen Schritten anpassen und nutzen An innovative hackathon deserves an innovative registration form. Your registration form should be an extension of your hackathon—innovative, intelligent, and dynamic. You're in luck, because with Typeform you can create the perfect hackathon registration form for your event with our fully customizable template 4. Send your First Email. Now that you have a list of people at companies that you want to reach out to and an email template, it's time to send your first emails. Pro-tip. Don't send emails to everyone on your list at once, especially if you haven't done this kind of pitching before. You get much better at it over time and it's often.

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If you are new to the concept of hackathons, you may not know where to start given that there are so many examples of hackathon projects to choose from. To solve your confusion, we've compiled a list of hackathon examples that you should refer to if you are planning to organize a hackathon. Inspire your next hackathon with these 5 creative hackathons examples Thank you Letter for Participation in an Event Sample 2. Hello Ryan, With the huge success of our last inter-college sports meet, we want to thank each one of the participants for turning out in huge numbers for making it a success. We would also like to congratulate you on your awards in Long jump and your team won in the baseball as well Inspire your next hackathon with these 25 creative hackathon ideas. See how you can incorporate your local community, choose a winning theme, cater to under-represented groups and more. Featuring examples from TechCrunch, IBM and other leading brands

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Hackathon application templates. Under the NESCent hackathon model, a large number participants enrolls through open applications. We commonly managed this using google forms, which give users a friendly interface to fill out and which aggregate responses in an online spreadsheet. The PDF files here show what these forms looked like for some of the hackathons, while a generic application. Here is a format I have used several times with success (internal/company hackathon) and includes learnings/tweaks from previous hackathons Schedule: Have a hackathon on a monday. This gives the team members a chance to do some research, downlo.. Hackathon Website Template. antone.ruecker March 13, 2021 Templates No Comments. 21 posts related to Hackathon Website Template . Simple Html Website Template With Css Fresh Cv Resume Web Templates Tile Html Website Template Example And. Free Css Web Templates (website) Website Template. Home Appliances Website Template Free Download Of Tv Channel Website Template. Mvc Website Template. Pta. Save Save Hackathon - Idea Template For Later. 0% 0% found this document useful, Mark this document as useful. 0% 0% found this document not useful, Mark this document as not useful. Embed. Share . Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. alm_hardware. CCPA Verification Form (20) Robotic Process AutomationPOC. irctc-advertisement.pdf. WEDDING HUB.pdf. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F. EAST Hackathon - API's for Art The application also sends email notifications automatically to the pilots as and when trainings are due. Perceptive Analytics developed a comprehensive excel application with built-in automation for streamlining the pilot training process. It includes an intuitive dashboard, which offers a one-glance depiction of current training status for each of the.

Email to a Friend; Printer Friendly Page; Report Inappropriate Content; Use Lab Services for your next Hackathon ‎Apr 09 2020 08:00 AM. Azure Lab Services is designed to be light weight and easy to use so that you can quickly spin up a new lab of virtual machines (VMs) for your next hackathon. Let's use the following checklist to ensure that your hackathon goes as smoothly as possible. Hackathons; Azure IoT; About Darren; Posted on January 14, 2020 January 14, 2020 by Darren Robinson. SailPoint IdentityNow Email Templates Configuration Report. SailPoint IdentityNow has numerous Email Templates associated with the solution. It is pertinent to have a backup of customisations to IdentityNow Email templates. I've previously documented examples for generating configuration. Our hackathons cultivate innovation and we have successfully applied learnings to how we build and support a better product. I hope you find this inspiring enough for you to start a hackathon at your company. And, as always we are looking for bright people to join our team. If solving problems with super smart people using awesome tech appeals to you - check out ou

4 HACKATHON & INDUSTRIE 4.0 03 Editorial 04 Inhaltsverzeichnis 05 Begriffsklärung: Was ist ein Hackthon? 06 Industrie 4.0 - den Wandel aktiv gestalten 08 Die VDMA Startup-Machine 10 Der Hackathon bei Zeppelin 16 Hackathon bei Brückner Trockentechnik 22 Der Hackthon bei Brückner aus Sicht der Startups 26 Der Hackathon bei AZO 32 Der Hackthon bei AZO aus Sicht der Startup Email; Table of contents. Organize hackathons. 09/09/2020; 5 minutes to read; m; D; K; In this article . A hackathon is a fun way to engage lots of people within your organization around a digital culture of change. The key objective is to develop sample apps and cultivate ideas to drive digital transformation. Teams come together, at the line of business or at the global scale, from different. Choose a panel of judges for the hackathon, ideally your panel should be comprised of a developer who can test the code, marketing professional who can critique the overall presentation, and a UX designer who has a keen eye for the design of a product. Organizations can select internal team members to judge or invite a panel of guest judges to judge the hackathon. For an un-bias and fresh. The hackathon has become one of the latest vogue terms in business. Typically used in reference to innovation jams like those seen at Rails Rumble or TechCrunch Disrupt, it describes an event that pools eager entrepreneurs and software developers into a confined space for a day or two and challenges them to create a cool killer app. Yet hackathons aren't just for the start-up tech. Get the best hackathon website templates with the most advanced features and super cool designs! Check out MiEvent, Jevelin, Eventr, Ventcamp. Iconiccopy is one of the leading WordPress themes, Plugins, hosting reviews websites aimed at helping people to understand WP products for online startup. Likes ; IconicCopy - Themes, Plugins and Hosting for online startup - Iconiccopy is one of the.

Polar Computing Hackathon Proposal Template When completed this should exceed no more than 2 pages (Sections 1-3 combined). Answers to the short survey fall outside of the 2 page limit. Section1: Proposal basics Proposal Title: Proposer Name: Proposer Institution: Proposal Abstract: Section2: Proposal details Polar Science Challenge: Describe the Science problem you will address How computing. Hi Stanyu, Meeting Templates —Lets you view templates that you or your site administrator saved on your WebEx service Web site. The templates contain meeting settings. You can select the template that meets your needs. Meeting templates are available only if site administration settings allow hosts to use templates for Outlook Email signup form FAQs: 1. Let your fans and followers sign up in style. It takes more than an empty data field for people to leave their email address. You want to keep things personal, trustworthy, and crystal clear. This template ticks all those boxes. Easily embed it into your website without any coding and watch your email list grow

Here is a simple demographic survey template that you can use to determine your market or to make any other research. With this demographic form for research, you can gather gender, age, education, household income and interests of the form's respondents. Use this demographics form template to start your survey now! Or, simply make your own. The Top 59 Hackathon Open Source Projects. Yarn v2 based monorepo template (seed project) pre-configured with GraphQL API, PostgreSQL, React, Relay, and Material UI. A hackathon/MVP boilerplate for laravel web applications. Start your hackathons without hassle Apps Script Hackathon. Resources‎ > ‎ Code Walkthrough: Event Registration Template. Goal . This tutorial will take you through the process of building a script that will manage event registration, including sending confirmation or waitlist emails to attendees, as well as sending reminder emails before the event. Section 1: Creating a form and email templates. Open this spreadsheet and. Hackathon winning pitch 1. Startup Hackathon What's in a winning pitch? Read this guide before you start hacking Anand Inbasekaran 2. First Slide : Logo Introduce your team 3. Problem Statement Imagine you as the customer and tell your story Explain why large number of customers have the same pain 4

Write an awesome description for your new site here. You can edit this line in _config.yml. It will appear in your document head meta (for Google search results) and in your feed.xml site description Email to most active students after contest has ended about Wikimedia Hackathons . Example email from December 2018. [Students in BCC for privacy] [GCI] Heads up: Wikimedia Hackathon, Prague (Czech Rep), 17-19 May 2019 [Email recipients in BCC for privacy] Hi Presentation template for Hackathons. 1. REVIVIFY Shubham Mittal Siddharth Gupta. 2. THEME Revivify is a tool that is able to interact and educate mass using only voice commands, i.e. without any need of visual interaction. An efficient and powerful use of available resources/technologies is done in order to make Revivify possible. 3 Hackathons, Template Engine, and I SendGrid Team July 29, 2014 • 1 min read If you haven't been living under a rock, you probably know that SendGrid released Transactional Templates recently. I've been using them for a while, specifically for my API demos. It makes it super simple for me to customize emails for a specific school or crowd on the fly without touching any code. With. Foundation for E-Mails 2 ist ein großartiges Grid für responisve E-Mail Templates. Ich hoffe, ich konnte euch einen groben Überblick über die Welt der E-Mail Templates verschaffen. Wer nach dem Lesen das Gefühl hat dieser Aufgabe nicht gewachsen zu sein oder Probleme bei der Umsetzung hat, dem habt ihr noch die Möglichkeit euch einfach an uns zu wenden

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Sample Thank You Letter Template to Teacher/Professor. This is an amazing opportunity that you got a chance to thank your teachers or professor. A thank you letter to teacher or professor is the expression of showing utmost respect and gratefulness towards your teachers or professor. If you want to write one such letter, you are in the right place because we will provide you with wonderful. Hacks is a program that offers students, academics, entrepreneurs and early-stage startups a 48-hour period to engage in collaborative problem-solving with U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) sponsors. Held four to five times a year at innovation hubs or on the campuses of partner universities, hackathons present a unique opportunity for students.

To sum up, hackathons represent an interactive form of collaboration that is, undoubtedly, here to stay. While hackathons have some drawbacks (for example, participants might feel a diminishing return on long hours spent creating solutions), their impact is powerful and lasting. The culture of sharing they promote, the variety of talent they. * 11. How would you like to continue experiencing the HR.Hackathon Alliance community in the future? Note: If you would like to get more formally involved (e.g. as a sponsor or city / challenge host), please make sure you add your email address in response to the next question Für alles hier gilt: Es ist nur ein Template, schaut, ob es so für euch passt oder passt es euren Bedürfnissen an. Kommunikation ist das Wichtigste. Direkt nach Spaß. Remote hacken. Eine Sonderform sind rein virtuelle Hackathons, in denen man sich nicht vor Ort trifft. Hier gelten die gleichen Schritte, aber ihr müsst euch online.

Hackathon feedback form Sample template to collect feedback after Hackathon completion We implemented an MVP during a hackathon using the static site generator Gatsby and simply swapped out the idea of Pages in Gatsby with Templates. This has proven to be a huge productivity boost for us because it enables our marketing and design teams to quickly and easily preview templates from their browser and request changes. This was previously an arduous and time-consuming process. As. Event Sponsorship Proposal Email Template #2: The introduction (or cold) email. Of course, the odds of you making a warm connection in the first place are not necessarily in your favor. Plan B is to go in cold (i.e., write an email to someone who never met before). Take the time to gather information and learn who's who at the company. With a little research on LinkedIn, you can.

ROTATHON, Hackathon & Ideathon, invites social entrepreneurs and innovators across the globe to develop solutions for a spectrum of problem statements. After the screening of ideas in phase 1, the top 30 teams will be shortlisted. These teams will go through a round of rigorous training and consecutive mentorship to bring their ideas to life. The teams must prepare for a never seen before mega. FHS.hacks () is Franklin High School's annual hackathon. A hackathon is an opportunity where students get together to develop creative solutions to real world problems. During the hackathon, students will get access to mentors, workshops, other student coders, as well as hacking time to turn their ideas into reality

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This is a guest post from McKenzie Gregory of Emma. It can be difficult for your event invitation email to stand out in people's inboxes. After all, you aren't just competing with other events and promotional messages — you're also competing against work emails, messages from friends, and newsletters from their favorite brands Workgroups, Brainstorms or Hackathons. Solutions to the challenges your company is facing are often found by anyone in the company. Email as a firestarter to get valuable feedback from people across all departments. This includes employees who are not as prone to speak up by themselves or hard to meet in the corridor. Example of an onboarding employee email newsletter sent to newly recruited. Sponsorship Letter for Visa Template; Corporate Sponsorship Letter; Sponsorship Proposal Letter; Request Letter for Sponsorship; So, the only solution you have is to write a great sponsorship email. Your email should cover every aspect of your need to turn the things you want into a profitable one. The letter should focus on the elements that. Hackathon: Beispiele für Logos, kostenlos online Logos erstellen - Turbolog

8- Facebook Pitch Deck Template - Top 10 pitch decks . DOWNLOAD THIS TEMPLATE. Why did it make our top 10 pitch decks? This template has the peculiarity that it was created and pitched at a time the company wasn't making any money from The Facebook. Their pitch deck wasn't based on revenue traction (actually they were still figuring out their business model overall). Instead, they bet on. Beautiful Landing Page Template for SaaS. Analytics graphical user interface low hanging fruit non-disclosure agreement creative seed money business model canvas early adopters. Get Started. 7 Day Free Trial. No Credit Card Required Trusted by thousands of customers. Present Your Platform Benefits. Growth hacking user experience learning curve. MVP twitter virality assets termsheet Feature. Hackathon: Einfach mal herumspinnen. Ein Hackathon ist kein abgedunkelter Raum voller Computerspezialisten und Hacker, die versuchen, das neue Facebook zu entwerfen, Kapuzen-Pullover tragen und sich ausschließlich von Koffein und Fast Food ernähren. Es handelt sich dabei vielmehr um ein modernes Konzept, bei dem Innovationen entstehen. Formal Letter Templates; Sponsorship Letter Templates; It's actually pretty common as event sponsorship letter are also a chance for sponsoring organizations or corporations to promote themselves further, more so when it's for charity. And even if it's not, getting sponsorship deals can improve an event's chances at having a larger audience, so it's really a win-win situation for. Hackathon som innovationsmetode | Innovation Lab. Jarle Fink Kondrup. juni 1, 2019. Et hackathon giver dig konkrete fremtidsorienterede resultater på kort tid. Men det er ikke en schweizerkniv. Find ud af om det er relevant, og hvordan det bliver en succes. Vi har i de sidste to årtier planlagt, koordineret og faciliteret flere hundrede.

Learn more about editing smart content in an email template. Add a smart rule to a subject line or module. In your HubSpot account, navigate to Marketing > Email. Hover over your email and click Edit, or create a new email. To add a smart subject line, navigate to the Settings tab. In the Subject line section, click Add smart rule. To add a smart rule to a module, hover over the module, click. The STAR Hackathon is open for a team/group of enthusiastic and motivated students/research scholars. Individual Participation is not allowed. Idea must be submitted in a idea_submission_template & restrict presentation for 4 slides. Idea_Submission_Template. Challenges AG_ID 01 : Mobile App for plant/crop diseases identification and prediction using Machine Learning Techniques. AG_ID 02. To discuss sponsorship opportunities, please reach out to [email protected] Partners. Frequently Asked Questions . What is a hackathon? A student hackathon is a marathon of innovation, usually 24-36 hours in which students passionate about creating concepts and technology form teams and compete with other teams to generate, develop and/or implement a new idea from scratch in order to learn and. Congratulations Email Messages . These email templates are appropriate to use when you do not have the time to write and post a traditional handwritten note, or for when the only contact information you have for the recipient is an email address: Congratulations Email Example - Good Job; Congratulations Email Example - New Job ; Congratulations Email Example - Promotion; Saying Congratulations. For the convenience of our readers, we have included 3 sheets conveying different levels of information that they can convey. Sheet 1 - is a summary of the overall status of the project. Sheet 2 - is more about the individual detail of the Test case status. Sheet 3 - is a sample Bug report.. Download this Sample Status Report Xls Template with all three sheets

Smart India Hackathon is a nationwide initiative to provide students with a platform to solve some of the pressing problems we face in our daily lives, and thus inculcate a culture of product innovation and a mindset of problem-solving. The first three editions SIH2017, SIH2018 and SIH2019 proved to be extremely successful in promoting innovation out-of-the-box thinking in young minds. 160 templates. Create a blank Award Certificate. Create blank. Purple and Gold Bordered Appreciation Certificate. Triangles and Stripes Achievement Certificate. White with Polka Dots Simple Recognition Certificate. Green Leaves Tea Funny Award Certificate. Light Blue Stars Simple Certificate of Recognition

5,630 templates. Create a blank Poster. Create blank. Purple and Pink Organic and Handcrafted Welcome Messages and Announcements Elementary Back to School Poster. Blue Illustrated Straightforward Education Portrait Poster. Pink Red and Green Colour Pop Classroom Health and Safety High School Back to School Poster Check out the latest and greatest templates from Confluence Cloud. Share your company's annual plans and priorities across your entire organization. Provide regular updates to leadership and the wider team on business and product performance. Keep the details of your email sends organized and the results clear for your team When pushing an event, conference or another gathering, these event website templates will come in extremely handy. They are full of great features and functions to start online sooner rather than later. A lot of thought went into the creation of each of the web designs below. With this, you know that the outcome will be professional and sophisticated. Always aim for the best, as this will.

RMHC hackathon flyer by Chris Jordan for Poetic on DribbbleAttendee List Template | HQ Printable DocumentsArdor Hackathon SubmissionsFutureUp Lab | DevpostBetter Blogs for Confluence | Devpost

Overview of Core Java (Part 1) Overview of Core Java (Part 2) Overview of Python. Overview of Android. Introduction to User Experience Design. Data Analytics and Reporting. Smart India Hackathon's Massive Online Training Sessions - Overview of SQL Queries - YouTube. Inclusive Innovations. 4.77K subscribers Responsive E-Mail-Templates. Bei der Erstellung von E-Mail-Templates gibt es einiges zu beachten. Tools wie Ink, Inbox Inspector, oder Responsive Email Inliner können da sehr nützlich sein. E-Mail-Marketing. Die E-Mail ist und bleibt eines der wichtigsten Online Marketing­tools - wir zeigen euch, wie ihr das für euch nutzen könnt. App-Planung mit Mockups. In der Web- App- und. Home » Posts tagged template. Schlagwort: template. Wie organisiere ich mich für einen Hackathon? Posted on 21. März 2020 2. April 2020 Leave a comment. Zusammenarbeit unter Zeitdruck Hackathons sind eine spannende Sache. Menschen kommen zusammen, um in einer sehr kurzen Zeit (oftmals 48 Stunden oder weniger) eine Lösung zu einem Problem zu erschaffen. Mit gemischten Gruppen, wenig Schlaf. Recruiting email templates | Sourcing developer candidates email. This is a cold email template you can use when sourcing and recruiting developers for an open position in your company. Use this template to compose informative and appealing emails that will save you time and are more likely to get a positive response. You can easily customize this sourcing developer candidates email template. Im 48-stündigen Hackathon hat das Team aus ca. 25 Personen einen ersten Prototypen inklusive Klickdummy entwickelt. Das Team ist bereits während des Hackathons in den Austausch mit unterschiedlichen Akteuren getreten, ob OER-Initiativen, Anbieter offener Lernangebote oder einzelne Hochschullehrende. Es freut sich über Anregungen zu einer möglichen Weiterarbeit an der Idee und über.

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