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Cueball is asked by doctor Ponytail to compare the pain in his arm with the worst pain that he can imagine; however, a one-to-ten scale is not useful for Cueball because in his imagination the worst possible pain reduces him to a huddled ball, makes him forget his injured arm (which he somehow is able to bend without screaming), and rescales his current pain to a 1 More on pain rating scales, xkcd weighs in Following up on Hyperbole and a Half's critique of the Wong-Baker Scale, xkcd weighs in on anchors of common assessment scales. His mouseover caption presses the point: If it were a two or above, I couldn't answer because it would mean a pause in the screaming

The Chronic Pain Grade Scale (CPGS), also referred to as the Chronic Pain Grade Questionnaire, is a 7-item objective measure designed to evaluate pain intensity and pain-related disability in adults with chronic pain conditions. XKCD is a webcomic created by Randall Munroe, an ex-NASA robotics expert and programmer The equation describes Pain as a function of Pain, time, and several constants. This is a first-order linear differential equation with possible solution: Pain = c_1 (e^k_2 + d e^t)^(-k_1) + (Girl)/k_1 Hopefully, d is relatively small (days... or weeks), thereby diminishing the time it takes for Pain to change. Significantly, k_1 needs to be positive, otherwise the first term would grow unbounded and Pain would never decrease. Assuming k_1 is positive, a larger k_2 results in a. 124 votes, 25 comments. 1.5m members in the comics community. Everything related to print comics (comic books, graphic novels, and strips) and web Wong-Baker Faces Pain Rating Scale: , , : 1-10 Scale: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10: Spinal Tap Amplifier? 11: Perfect 10: 10.0: Bond Credit Rating: AAA, AA, A: Enhanced Fujita Scale: EF-5: European Coin Grading: VG, UNC: Academic Grading: A+, F: Tier List or Japanese Grading System:

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xkcd.com is best viewed with Netscape Navigator 4.0 or below on a Pentium 3±1 emulated in Javascript on an Apple IIGS. at a screen resolution of 1024x1. Please enable your ad blockers, disable high-heat drying, and remove your device. from Airplane Mode and set it to Boat Mode xkcd.com is best viewed with Netscape Navigator 4.0 or below on a Pentium 3±1 emulated in Javascript on an Apple IIGS at a screen resolution of 1024x1. Please enable your ad blockers, disable high-heat drying, and remove your device from Airplane Mode and set it to Boat Mode. For security reasons, please leave caps lock on while browsing Universal Rating Scale [A vertical scale, with 45 gradations, labelled. These are the grades:] 0 1 Strongly Disagree F [star] ☆ Extinct Tall 2 G Critical [frowny face] ☹ 3 endangered [two stars] ☆☆ PG Disagree VG 4 Grande 5 PG-13 [neutral face] 6 T for Teen 7 [three stars] ☆☆☆ Agree Venti 8 Least Concern [smiley face] ☺ A Strongly Agree Category 5 EF-5 NC-17 UNC A Universal Rating Scale. There are plenty of finer gradations. I got 'critically endangered/extinct in the wild' on my exam, although the curve bumped it all the way up to 'venti.'

In toxicology, the median lethal dose, LD50 (abbreviation for lethal dose, 50%), LC50 (lethal concentration, 50%) or LCt50 is a measure of the lethal dose of a toxin, radiation, or pathogen. The value of LD50 for a substance is the dose required to kill half the members of a tested population after a specified test duration. LD50 figures are frequently used as a general indicator of a substance's acute toxicity. A lower LD50 is indicative of increased toxicity. The test was. At least on the American scale, any score below 60% is considered an F. A 'D' would be between 6 and 7, 'C' between 7 and 8, 'B' between 8 and 9, and an 'A' between 9 and 10. 00:38, 21 July 2020 (UTC Distracting pain. Significant fatigue. 6: Extreme workout or hard race effort: Desire to cry. Doubts turning to fear. Strong feelings of inadequacy. Pain hard to ignore. Overwhelming exhaustion. 7: Bad workout or tough race: Nearly crying. Depression. Mild fear. Significant pain without expectation of lasting physical damage. Some bad dreams after the event. 9:37, pain experienced is equally dumb, they have no knowledge of the person's past experiences. i myself would rate a stubbed toe as about an 8 based on that scale. what i've seen doctors do is hit patients harder and harder until they say, ok, your pounding hurts more. that way you get an accurate measurement

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Here's my top-of-pain-scale rankings: 10/10 is unconscious from pain. 9/10 is pain so intense that I can't speak. 8/10 is pain so bad I can only speak to attempt to communicate the pain. If I'm coherent but the pain is seriously interfering with my motor capacities, it's 7 or below I love XKCD. They hit the nail on the head so often. And I about died when I saw this one. See, I was just in the doctor's office for an ear infection on Thursday and she asked me to rate the pain on a scale from one to ten. I said eight. Then I thought about it. I've broken my toe and that was excruciating. I've had a root canal on a live. Xkcd scaling. xkcd: Datacenter Scale. RSS Feed - Atom Feed - Email. Comics I enjoy: Three Word Phrase , SMBC , Dinosaur Comics , Oglaf (nsfw), A Softer World , Buttersafe , Perry Bible Fellowship , Questionable Content , Buttercup Festival , Homestuck , Junior Scientist Power Hour. Other things xkcd.com is best viewed with Netscape Navigator 4.0 or below on a Pentium 3±1 emulated in. xkcd - A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language - By Randall Munroe

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  1. Next we'll create a function xkcd_line to add jitter to lines. We want this to be very general, so we'll normalize the size of the lines, and use a low-pass filter to add correlated noise, perpendicular to the direction of the line. There are a few parameters for this filter that can be tweaked to customize the appearance of the jitter
  2. d of surgery last week.I had two encounters with nurses and the matter of pain scale. Once in the pre-surgery testing and registration, and once in the post-surgery maundering.Both were unsatisfactory on both sides. I would get asked, (~) ' o
  3. My personal script is Sir/maam, could you please rate your pain for me on a scale from 0-10, where 0 is no pain and 10 is the worst pain in the history of the world.Also, this XKCD comic is relevant.This one is also relevant: xkcd: Spinal Tap Amp
  4. Pain Scale This XKCD really hit home with me, because I got a similar reaction from the nurse when I broke and sprained my arm and told them the pain was a two. I looked up at the pain chart, did a quick estimate based on the smilies, and picked two. I mean, I wasn't grimacing or anything, I could feel it and it was uncomfortable, particularly when I moved . . . sounded like a 2 to me.
  5. My personal script is Sir/ma'am, could you please rate your pain for me on a scale from 0-10, where 0 is no pain and 10 is the worst pain in the history of the world. Also, this XKCD comic is relevant
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Icu Nurses Pain Scale Wood Print By Donna Daugherty You might have seen a pain scale in your doctor's office before. 928x213 - Over 564 pain scale pictures to choose from, with no signup needed. Original Resolution: 928x213; Options For Hospital Boards In subjects and patients for whom semantic or geometric scales are inap . 500x263 - Faces, are well established as instruments for measuring. The pain scale makes sense to these left-brain doctors. Being told you have red hot pokers being shoved into your eyeballs as they melt down your face doesn't tell the docs enough usable information. It also grosses out the ones with weak stomachs and upsets the tender-hearted. There is a magic key to the pain scale, summed up in two parts. Pain scales need to come with clear examples/photos. My dad has been through a lot of horrific stuff, I use his scale as reference (and use the photos to show others). Getting hit by a vehicle and having your feet literally smashed off at the ankle is a 7. That should easily put things into perspective for people Sometimes, students describe the pain scale where 0 is no pain at all and 10 is the worst pain imaginable. When they do, I smile to myself and think of this xkcd comic: [click to embiggen] I can imagine a LOT of pain. Cases always have pain ratings attached to them that won't fluctuate based on how students ask this question, but when the scale is described to me this way I think, if I were. Xkcd.com is one of my favorite web comics, maybe my most favorite. And Friday's comic hit home. There have been a lot of times when I was at an emergency room that a doctor has asked me, on a scale of 1 to 10 how bad is the pain. And they expect you not to say 10. I have sometimes asked clarification, like is that scale linear or logarithmic? If 10 is the worst thing I have experienced how.

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When I saw my doctor, I felt just like the character in the XKCD comic above. (You should be able to click on it to enlarge the picture. If that doesn't work, click here). It's so difficult to explain what's going on with your body when you can imagine far more painful and horrifying things that could happen to it. The 10-point pain scale probably works much better for patients who don. One day I woke up and realized I'm not a baby nurse anymore. I'm not even a young nurse. I'm a real adult who has now been doing this for years, and I'm definitely expected to know what I'm doing at all times 31-mag-2016 - Scarica subito l'illustrazione vettoriale Faccedolore Scala Di Lavagna. Continua la ricerca nella raccolta di iStock di immagini vettoriali royalty-free con grafiche di 2015 pronte per essere scaricate in modo semplice e rapido

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The doc came in and asked her to rate her pain on a scale of 1 to 10. She said '5', and the doc nodded and left. I asked her why she gave such a low number when she was obviously in pain, and she said this is halfway to being the worst pain I can imagine. level 2. 86 points · 3 years ago XKCD on trains | O Gauge Railroading On Line Forum. Sign In; Join; Post; HOME; SUPPORTING MEMBER; SUBSCRIBE! OGR INDEX; DIGITAL PORTAL; WEB STORE; CALENDAR; PHOTOS/VIDEOS; TOS; HOME. Directory; All Topics; Train Forums. 3-Rail Traditional Toy Trains; 3-Rail Tinplate Toy Trains; 3-Rail Scale Model Trains; 2-Rail Scale Model Trains; O Scale Narrow Gauge Forum; S-Scale Trains; The HONGZ Forum. I love a good XKCD comic; Randall Munroe has a unique way of cutting right to the crux of technology issues and always doing it in a humorous fashion. Little Bobby Tables remains an all-time classic and it's amazing how many times you'll see it quoted in security discussions - it's now well and truly embedded in pop culture (well, at least in the little app-sec corner of the world. level 1. innerearinfarction. 98 points · 2 years ago. If you're unconscious pain not issue. level 2. auntiepink. 47 points · 2 years ago. I interpret that one as pain so bad it makes you pass out. Continue this thread Once in awhile I am pain free for a couple of hours but never a whole day. I know when you have an acute flare a 10 may seem quite insufficient and it is easy to express your suffering. I just don't know quite what to say though when it isn't quite hitting the fan only the symptoms are enough to keep me from fishing or vacation or the jolts are enough to keep me from having much fun in bed.

Subscribe and get comics in your inbox.. Comics Lates Pain Scale. When you go into the doctor's office complaining of an ache or pain, you're gonna get asked how bad the pain is. Most likely you'll be asked to name a number from 1 to 10. Often accompanied by a little chart, demonstrating what a person looks like with that rough level of discomfiture. I'm sure you've seen these. Just as I'm sure you've seen The Internets having fun. tify, on a probability (0 to 1) scale, the certainty that one has in prior beliefs, as well as in new hypotheses. This quantification displays the dogmatism or open-mindedness of the analyst in a public fashion, with certainty values near 1 or 0 betraying a strong com-mitment of the analyst for or against a hypothesis. I I ask this question fairly frequently; not as much as a real practitioner, but more than the average bear. I need to remember to phrase it for those with overactive imaginations

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xkcd: A Guide To The Medical Diagnostic And Treatment Algorithm Used By IBM's Watson Computer System Good fun for the kids, see if they can get from top left to Discharge patient. Via the true believers at Explain xkcd: Explanation IBM's Watson is a natural language system designed to answer questions posed by humans. Recently, IBM has extended Watson to act as a clinical decision support. Rating scales offer a simple way to do this. A rating scale translates a subjective judgment into a number on a continuum, say 1 - 10 for example. Some rating scales have carefully defined the numbers. I adapted this kind of rating scale to supplement my notes for almost every speech therapy session I have with every student. It is a 9-point scale originally developed to measure social. First, you will import one of these exporters (specifically, the HTML exporter), then instantiate it using most of the defaults, and then you will use it to process the notebook we downloaded earlier. [3]: from traitlets.config import Config # 1. Import the exporter from nbconvert import HTMLExporter # 2. Instantiate the exporter Colors USA Colors UK Colors Australia Colors RAL Colors NBS Colors NCS Colors X11 Colors Crayola Colors Resene Colors XKCD. HTML Color Picker Previous Next Pick a Color: Or Enter a Color: OK. Wrong Input. Or Use HTML5: Selected Color: Black Text Shadow White Text Shadow. RGB (Red, Green, Blue) Red Green Blue Previous Next COLOR PICKER. LIKE US. Get certified by completing a course today! w 3 s.

Scale your Business. Atria makes it faster to onboard customers, reduces helpdesk load and simplifies support, helping you focus on growth and scalability. Cloud and On-Premises. Manage On-Premises AD, Office 365, Citrix Cloud and others, all from one portal, and with one identity - lowering your helpdesk training costs. Single Tenant. One instance of Atria can manage hundreds of dedicated. For rating scales, five or seven response options generally allow about as much precision as respondents are capable of. However, numerical scales with more options can sometimes be appropriate. For dimensions such as attractiveness, pain, and likelihood, a -to-10 scale will be familiar to many respondents and easy for them to use. Regardless. I transitioned from Maven to Gradle for Scala projects, due to its superior support for multi-module builds. Twitter experience with SBT is described by them as blinding pain and they are trying to move away from it (with Maven as a stop-gap in that process). - Ben Manes Jul 1 '12 at 5:5

Radiation Dosage Chart. » Check out our beautiful books. » Learn to be a dataviz ninja: Workshops are Beautiful. » Be the first to know: join our VIP Newsletter. Sources: XKCD, Guardian Datablog, BBC News, Mayo Clinic. Credits: Research & design: David McCandless Additional design: Matt Hancock. Data: View the data Jan 9, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Kausar Alam. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres nbconvertDocumentation,Release6.0.8.dev0 1.3InstallingPandoc ForconvertingmarkdowntoformatsotherthanHTML,nbconvertusesPandoc(1.12.1orlater). ToinstallpandoconLinux. It is currently a pain to use an OxyPlot.WinfowsForms.PlotView with a transparent background: Additional themes, scales, and geoms for ggplot2 . visualization theme ggplot2 plot data-visualisation plotting ggplot2-themes Updated Mar 16, 2021; R; lana-k / sqliteviz Star 1k Code Issues Pull requests Instant offline SQL-powered data visualisation in your browser. visualization csv sql sqlite. What If? is a blog by Randall Munroe, the creator of the Stick-Figure Comic xkcd.Updated erratically, he answers off-the-wall reader questions using math, science, and xkcd-style cartoons.Randall has a Twitter feed, @whatifnumbers, of numbers he comes up with while writing the blog.He's also published a book, What If?:Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions, containing.

A character rates something on a scale from one to ten, often for comedic effect. The results split into two types: An actual number. It's sometimes oddly specific or, more often, doesn't fit the scale (as in, more than ten or less than one). Not even a number (in which case it overlaps with Counting to Potato), or left unanswered for rhetorical reasons Did you ever wonder what happened if you detonated a nuclear bomb in the Marianas Trench? No? We neither! Let us find out together!This video was inspired by.. I read xkcd religiously because its comics are full of nerdy jokes, unique insights, and painstaking research. This poster has all of that in spades. It depicts, to scale, the money flows in our current world, from buying a dozen apples ($5.68), to the estimated cost of Fukushima's meltdown to Japan ($131 B; compare that to the cost of deaths from the quake and tsunami, $129 B)

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BUT The xkcd cartoon depicts a geek who prefers wikipedia to having fun. He literally turns away from having fun to browse wiki. And here we geeks are on wiki solemnly agreeing to turn fun away from wikipedia. This cartoon, and this talk page, is so full of irony that entire PhD theses will be written about it! Put the cartoon on the entry page! But maybe the page should be locked for a few days May 10, 2021 - Explore Patty Beyer's board Clay pots on Pinterest. See more ideas about clay pots, clay pot crafts, flower pot crafts Then we can use verbatim for miscellaneous 'other monospace' like keyboard shortcuts: either C-c C-c or C-g is likely the most useful keybinding in Emacs, or file names: I keep my configuration in ~/.config/doom/ , among other things. Then, styling these two cases differently can help improve clarity in a document

xkcd Standards In this case, we're not creating Yet Another Place for Applications, rather promoting an existing one as the canonical location. As part of the Special Interest Group Apps ( SIG Apps ) work for the Kubernetes 1.4 release , we began to provide a home for these Kubernetes deployable applications that provides continuous releases of well documented and user friendly packages Sep 27, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by AW Camping. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Dec 23, 2016 - A collection of Tumblr's greatest hits. For the very best of Tumblr be sure to make BroBible.com your one and only destination Subscribe to Vsauce. It's FREE! http://bit.ly/POIaN7 My watch is from: http://www.tokyoflash.com/ Michael Stevens on Twitter: https://twitter.com/tweetsauc

Step #4: Set the rigid minimum and maximum scale values of the vertical axis. Without closing the pane, switch over to the vertical axis and repeat the steps outlined above. Step #5: Create a new table for the quadrant lines. Here comes the hard part. Having laid the groundwork, you now need to place four dots on each side of the chart to draw the accurate quadrant lines based off of the axis. Image credits: Randall Munroe, xkcd. 2. Starting from the tool, not the goal. As a data science nerd, I get just as excited as anyone to use new tools and types of analysis to improve my results. It's hard to resist the pull of a brand new strategy, especially since recent advances in data science generally offer plenty of growth opportunities Aug 23, 2013 - Nature is a profound source of spirituality. We do not need to believe in supernatural things to live spiritual lives. See more ideas about spiritual life, spirituality, life More on pain rating scales, xkcd weighs in. Following up on Hyperbole and a Half's critique of the Wong-Baker Scale, xkcd weighs in on anchors of common assessment scales. His mouseover caption presses the point: If it were a two or above, I couldn't answer because it would mean a pause in the screaming. This reminds me of a conversation with a friend about the pragmatics of rating the pain.

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xkcd: I've noticed that plenty of those walls are good for nothing. Either they're short enough heightwise (below shoulder level) that you're seeing the next person's business, or narrow enough widthwise that you feel you have to cram yourself in to protect your own assets. Plus as a former library janitor, I can say that cleaning those things from the sidespray, just like the tile on. XKCD Clock; About / About Me; Speaking; why-gollum; Sandbox / SpaceCrusade Resource; Code zealot in a connected world . April 07, 2021 2021 - broken, I am missing you Lina Abidin April 07, 2021 / John Liu. I told myself this eventually would happen, but I still am not prepared for it when it did. How can anyone be prepared for what happens next. On March 25th, a couple of hours past midnight. The two big ways of doing this are: (a) rescaling so parameters are roughly on unit scale. For example, don't have a country-level regression where one of the predictors is the country's population, so that you'd have coefficients like 0.000002 or whatever. Instead, use log population or population in millions or whatever. In general try to have parameters be scale-free, introducing a. xkcd. The blag of the webcomic Urinal protocol vulnerability. Posted by Randall 2009-09-02 1,135 Comments on Urinal protocol vulnerability. When a guy goes into the bathroom, which urinal does he pick? Most guys are familiar with the International Choice of Urinal Protocol. It's discussed at length elsewhere, but the basic premise is that the first guy picks an end urinal, and every.

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  1. That's just 3 levels from passing out from the pain. I've hit 8 many a time, such as when I was recently on vacation in L.A. and walking for hours a day. Until I saw the scale, I would have thought that that was mid-level pain and I was just being wimpy
  2. XKCD As Part Of A Health Improvement Program. Subsequently Several People Report On Dr. Ox's Website That Daily Consumption Of Vita
  3. SOAR was created to fix the pain. If the team does not suffer pain (yet), And how long did they last before they realised it doesn't scale (and unless you have the resources of Netflix, your homebrew won't scale) POC Success Criteria. Your SOAR project likely needs some executive sign off, and the exec team drivers are typically similar to the technical team but positioned different.
  4. problem statements (e.g. are you solving a pain point or offering a delighter) the opportunity cost of pursuing this (e.g what other user or customer problem you're giving up by committing your time to this) engineering costs (e.g. how long this will take, what are some of the technical challenges, GPU cost
  5. I also have to take tablets that cause on average a 20 lb weight gain, and I also suffer from many joint and pain afflictions, that I will not bore you with the unpronounceable names of. Essentially, my point is I have every excuse in the world to have a weight problem, and be all body positivity. A couple of years ago I did, being a former obese twenty something who was ashamed of her.
  6. 5) Top 7 Gauge Chart Examples. Data visualization is a fundamental step for successful data analysis. By giving your information a visual context, you make it more understandable and prepared to identify trends, patterns, or problems. There are many chart types available and each one of them plays an important role in a professional BI dashboard
  7. ant role in the spread of COVID-19 (4, 5, 7, 17⇓-19, 22), especially for so-called superspreading events (25⇓⇓-28), which invariably occur indoors (29). For example, at the 2.5-h-long Skagit Valley Chorale choir practice that took place in Washington State on March 10, some 53 of 61 attendees.

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Friday Funny (well maybe not so funny) - XKCD takes on the real climate threat. 8 years ago. Anthony Watts. Sobering graphics to scale: ice sheets 21,000 years ago versus today's skylines. Data adapted from 'The Laurentide and Innuitian ice sheets during the Last Glacial Maximum' by A.S. Dyke et. al., which was way better than the. Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers around the world and hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation XKCD: As seen in the page image, Black Hat Guy made a set of silent carpentry tools specifically to carry out this sort of thing. This strip of Crazy Sunshine. Rayne Summers of Least I Could Do once got his best friends to play a prank on their friend Mick where they tried to convince Mick that Rayne had been dead for years. See it for yourself Top 50 network administrator interview questions [updated 2020] Network Administration is a field that has an enormous amount of responsibility associated with it. Despite the fact that it sounds like a relatively straightforward concept at the outset - keep the systems talking to each other- that simple phrase covers a multitude of different.

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