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IM-Besicherungsdokumentation 2020 (ersetzt die 2018 veröffentlichte Dokumentation - verwendbar für DRV 1993/2001 und DRV 2018): Besicherungsanhang für Initial Margin 2020 / Collateral Addendum for Initial Margin 2020 - zweisprachige Version | Bank-Verlag Nr. 44564 (01/20) | 27. März 2020 | General requirement to collect initial margin. EMIR introduced the requirement that parties to a non-cleared OTC derivative contracts ensure the timely, accurate and appropriately segregated exchange of collateral between the parties to non-cleared OTC derivative contracts. Further specifications specific to initial margin are set out in the EMIR Margin Rules including, requirements for collateral agreements, collateral eligibility criteria, collateral concentration limits, calculation. The first is variation margin (VM), which covers current exposure and is calculated using a mark-to-market position. The second is initial margin (IM), which covers potential future exposure for the expected time between the last VM exchange and the liquidation of positions on the default of a counterparty

Legal issues involved with initial margin are the part of the broader spectrum of the collateral management under the EMIR Regulation

Die Berechnung der Initial Margin erfolgt bei der Standardmethode gemäß Art. 1 HC Konsultationspapier (ESMA) durch Multiplikation des Nominalbetrages des Derivats mit einem Add on Faktor. Add on Faktoren für die Berechnung der Initial Margin nach der Standardmethode. Kategorie Zinsswaps mit 0 bis 2 Jahre Restlaufzeit Covered counterparties, including Irish funds, with an aggregate average notional amount (AANA) of non-centrally cleared derivatives above €50 billion (each a Phase 5 counterparty) will become subject to the requirement to exchange initial margin from 1 September 2021, whilst counterparties with an AANA of non-centrally cleared derivatives above €8 billion (each a Phase 6 counterparty) will become subject to the requirement from 1 September 2022. The AANA. Extension of exemption from Initial Margin and Variation Margin for single-stock equity options and index options. The Margin Rules currently provide for a temporary exemption, until 4 January 2020, from IM and VM requirements for single-stock equity options and index options. The exemption was included to avoid market fragmentation and regulatory arbitrage, as many other jurisdictions do not require IM or VM to be transferred in respect of such products. The delayed implementation was. - Die Variation Margin muss in voller Höhe ausgetauscht werden (kein Schwellenwert). - Für die Initial Margin gelten besondere Schwellenwerte » Methoden zu Berechnung der Initial Margin und Variation Margin sind konsistent über alle von der Regulierung betroffenen Asset Klassen (Gruppen) angewendet werden Initial margin, on the other hand, is intended to cover current and potential future fluctuations in value which can occur between the last exchange of margins and the re-coverage of risk or the liquidation of positions if one counterparty cannot fulfil their contractual obligations, i.e. defaults

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  1. Durch den EMIR Refit wurde die bisherige Berechnung der Clearingschwelle als gleitender Durchschnitt zu Gunsten einer einmal jährlichen Berechnung vereinfacht. Hierfür wird der einfache Durchschnitt der Monatsendpositionen der vergangenen zwölf Monate genutzt. Die Verpflichtung zur erstmaligen Berechnung trat zum 17. Juni 2019 in Kraft. Demnach ist die Clearingschwelle initial für den Zei
  2. The European Supervisory Authorities (EBA, EIOPA and ESMA - ESAs), in response to the COVID-19 outbreak have published joint draft Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) to amend the Delegated Regulation on the risk mitigation techniques for non-centrally cleared OTC derivatives (bilateral margining), under the European Markets Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR), to incorporate a one-year deferral of the two implementation phases of the bilateral margining requirements
  3. Calculation of Initial Margin: Counterparties shall calculate the amount of initial margin to be collected using either the standardised approach set out in Annex IV or the initial margin models or both. The collection of initial margin shall be performed without offsetting the initial margin amounts between the two counterparties

Initial Margin Implementation under EMIR and the ISDA 2018

The mandatory initial margin (IM) requirements for uncleared OTC derivatives is the final major piece of the EMIR jigsaw that has yet to be completed. Assuming the proposed delays as a result of COVID-19 are implemented, Phase 5 will bite in September 2021, with Phase 6 arriving in September 2022 1. Initial margin models shall only include non-centrally cleared OTC derivative contracts within the same netting set. Initial margin models may provide for diversification, hedging and risk offsets arising from the risks of the contracts within the same netting set, provided that the diversification, hedging or risk offset is only carried out within the same underlying asset class as referred to in paragraph 2 bzw. Variation Margin (VM): VM-Pflicht) - Art. 10 ff. EMIR-Besicherungs-RTS. Pflicht zum Austausch von Ersteinschusszahlungen (Initial Margin) zur Absicherung gegen Marktwertschwankungen in dem Zeitraum zwischen der letzten erfolgten Bewertung und Leistung von VM und der ggf. erforderlichen Wiedereindeckung nach einem mögliche 4 Implementation of the EMIR Margin Rules for Uncleared OTC Derivatives, published January 2017. 1. Determine if in scope Notification by Complete analysis as to whether in scope for either of Phase 5 or Phase 6. 2. If yes, notify trading counterparties ISDA initial margin self-disclosure letter/bilateral notification. 3. Custodian appointment ongoing Choose custodian, select either.

EU Margin Rules2 PR Margin Rules CFTC Margin Rules II. INITIAL MARGIN (continued) Eligible Collateral • Immediately available cash funds denominated in USD, another major currency or the agreed currency of settlement (US Cash Collateral) • Securities issued or guaranteed by a US government agency, the European Central Bank (th 3. Regulation 1(EU) 2019/834 amending EMIR, the EMIR Refit, enters into force on 17 June 2019. 4. The European Commission has already released some Frequently Asked Questions on EMIR2 to clarify the timing and the scope of EMIR, together with certain issues related to third country CCPs and trade repositories. 5. In view of ESMA's statutory role to build a common supervisory culture by promoting common supervi

Extension of the last phase of the implementation of the initial margin requirements: There will be an additional implementation phase whereby, as of 1 September 2020 covered entities with an aggregate average notional amount of non-centrally cleared derivatives greater than €50 billion will be subject to the requirements 'Initial margin' is defined in the Regulation 2016/2251 as 'the collateral collected by a counterparty to cover its current and potential future exposure in the interval between the last collection of margin and the liquidation of positions or hedging of market risk following a default of the other counterparty' (Article 1(1)), while 'variation margin', according to Article 1(2), means 'the collateral collected by a counterparty to reflect the results of the daily marking. The European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EU) 648/2012 (EMIR) establishes a set of rules (the EMIR Margin Rules) that require the users of uncleared, over the counter (OTC) derivatives to put in place risk-management procedures to ensure the timely, accurate and appropriately segregated exchange of collateral with respect to OTC derivative contracts Initial Margin What's the difference between VM and IM? Variation margin means the collateral collected by a counterparty to reflect the results of the daily marking-to-market of outstanding contracts. Initial margin means the collateral collected by a counterparty to cover it

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  1. The EMIR temporary waiver for intragroup derivatives with non-EU / non-UK affiliates has been due to expire on 21 December 2020. When it expires, many entities that trade OTC derivatives with non-EU / non-UK affiliates risk having to exchange margin and to lock up large quantities of assets in EMIR-compliant segregated custody accounts held at third-party custodians
  2. ed based upon the aggregate average month end notional amounts for uncleared OTC derivatives for March, April and May 2016. This level is referred to as an entity's AANA, short for average aggregate notional amount.
  3. Introduced in 2016 under EMIR, the initial margin requirements for bilateral, uncleared over the counter (OTC) derivatives have been slowly phased in, and demand firms post collateral for transactions including FX forwards, cross-currency swaps, exotics and equity options, either on a tri-party or third-party basis. The one-year extension to the rules could come as a welcome move by asset.
  4. Initial Margin. With regard to regulatory technical standards for risk-mitigation techniques for OTC derivative contracts not cleared by a central counterparty, initial margin is the collateral collected by a counterparty to cover its current and potential future exposure in the interval between the last collection of margin and the liquidation of positions or hedging of market risk following.
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  1. EMIR also sets out margin and collateral standards for trades cleared through European CCPs. • Non-financial counterparties will be subject to clearing requirements only if their derivatives positions exceed the clearing threshold set out under EMIR. Clearing EMIR in force Risk Mitigation Techniques in force for OTC not centrally cleared1 Risk Mitigation Techniques in force for OTC not.
  2. Getting Ready for Initial Margin (IM) Regulatory Requirements What Steps Do I Need to Take? ©2018 International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc. www.isda.org About ISDA Since 1985, ISDA has worked to make the global derivatives markets safer and more efficient. Today, ISDA has over 850 member institutions from 67 countries. These members comprise a broad range of derivatives market.
  3. El EMIR y su modificación por el Reglamento EMIR-Refit establecen una serie de obligaciones para todos aquellos inversores que negocien contratos de derivados, sean entidades financieras o no financieras, si bien la intensidad de estas obligaciones es proporcional al nivel de actividad y al uso que se haga de los derivados. Asimismo, en el EMIR existen una serie de exenciones para ciertas.
  4. The Initial Margin challenge - ow to be compliant in time. FASE 6 Set. 2022. prec et . FASE 5 Set. 2021. prec et . FASE 4 Set. 201 FASE 3 Set. 201 FASE 2 Set. 201 FASE 1 Set. 2016. grop leel. 3 trillion 20 Più grandi Banche Globali 2.25 trillion 7 Più grandi Banche Globali 1.5 trillion 13 Banche Regionali e grandi edge Funds 50 billion 0 Banche Locali e grandi edge Funds 50 billion 300.
  5. Amendments to the EMIR margin and clearing rules. The RTS amending the EMIR margin rules for uncleared derivatives have been adopted by the Commission and are expected to enter into force during Q1 2021. These RTS will implement the long-awaited exemption from variation margin for both physically-settled FX forwards and swaps. Also included are changes to the phase-in of initial margin.
  6. to the initial margin requirements under EMIR, the market standard title transfer English law CSA will not be compliant with the requirement to segregate initial margin. The title transfer English law CSA will also be non-compliant under the HKMA's rules, if finalized as currently proposed. As global margin requirements are finalized, and substituted compliance is made available, it is.
  7. EMIR Refit | Margin Requirements. Margin Requirements. The margin requirementsform part of the risk mitigation principles under EMIR and were formulated as a means to mitigate counterparty risk in uncleared OTC derivatives. The margin requirements have been phased in with separate timelines for the initial margin (IM) and variation margin (VM) requirements. The obligation to exchange VM.

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These Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) are to be developed by the Joint Committee of the European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs) will define the risk mitigation techniques to be put in place for OTC derivatives not cleared by a central counterparty (CCP). In particular, it will elaborate on the level of capital and collateral counterparties to derivatives transactions nee For all other accounts, the Exchange Minimum Initial Margin shall be equal to 110% of the ICE Clear Europe Margin for each respective IFUS Energy Contract. For all accounts, the Exchange Minimum Maintenance Margin shall be equal to the ICE Clear Europe Margin rate for each respective IFUS Energy Contract Four Misconceptions about Initial Margin Model Validation Post EMIR Refit. By DerivSource Editor | on October 9, 2019 | By Brie Lam of Brie Lam Regulatory Advisory Services and Shaun Murray of Margin Reform . Backdrop. The EMIR Refit Regulation (Refit) was published in the EU Official Journal on 28 May 2019 and entered into force on 17 June 2019. Designed primarily to make the original. Initial margin requirements in segregated accounts will be phased in from 2016 to 2020, depending on the average aggregate notional amount of uncleared derivatives. Triparty margining services The collateral needed for meeting the initial margin requirements for uncleared derivatives must be segregated at a non-affiliated third party custodian or triparty agent such as Clearstream 9. Initial margin information 26 (applicable from 18 December 2019) EMIR Refit obliges CCPs to provide their clearing members with a simulation tool allowing them to determine the amount of additional initial margin, on a gross basis, that the CCP may require upon the clearing of a new transaction. That tool must only be accessible on a secured.

Under EMIR, there are four Collateralization options, and Initial and Variation Margin. The Collateralizations fields are as follows: U = uncollateralized. PC = partially collateralized. OC = one way collateralized. FC = fully collateralized. Starting on March 9th, in Collateral Messages, new validations go into effect for the three Margin fields The bilateral collateral management of variation margins for uncleared derivatives is not only provided by the OTC Collateral service, but also offered by triparty services for the initial margin segregation and variation margin for both uncleared and cleared derivatives. For the latter, seamless clearing is ensured thanks to links with all major EMIR-approved CCPs such as our Deutsche Börse.

Margin Tonic supports a flexible set of end-to-end Initial Margin services, covering Calculations, Operations, Custodial and Legal changes. Margin Tonic's specialists have defined and delivered the Initial Margin changes to multiple firms across all phases, including Tier 1 banks, smaller banks and the buy-side. We help Phase 5 & 6 firms achieve their key objectives of reduced scope. Initial margin is a risk-based calculation, and as such is very different from variation margin (based on the market values of trades). As per the rules globally, the calculation of initial margin should rely either on a table-based method, or on an internal model, with a one-tailed 99% confidence interval over a margin period of risk (horizon) of at least 10 days Therefore, the AMEANA levels (EUR 50 billion for Phase 5 and EUR 8 billion for Phase 6), initial margin threshold (EUR 50 million) and minimum transfer amounts (EUR 500,000) remain in line with the requirements under EU EMIR margin requirements. This consultation closes on 19 May 2021 and the proposed changes will be effective on publication of. The EMIR Trade Report breaks these collateral types down into 6 fields: 1. Initial Margin Posted 2. Initial Margin Received 3. Variation Margin Posted 4. Variation Margin Received 5. Excess Collateral Posted 6. Excess Collateral Received. These fields should be reported from the Reporting Counterparty's point of view. Help, I need to see an example! Example 1 Reporting on a Per Position. Specifically, EMIR requires counterparties to exchange both initial margin (IM) and variation margin (VM) with respect to their non-cleared OTC derivatives transactions. In simple terms, IM is designed to cover potential future credit exposure of a party to its counterparty whereas VM protects against trade exposure arising from market fluctuations

Initial and Variation Margin fields - Both EMIR and UK EMIR . EMIR has taken a leaf out of Kaizen's book and turned some of our tests into validations! We see these kind of errors quite frequently so if you have not fixed them yet, it's best to act quickly to avoid getting rejections. EMIR and UK EMIR Field 1.24 Initial Margin posted - this was previously Optional for Action type V. EMIR RTS on various amendments to the bilateral margin requirements in view of the international framework . 1 Table of Contents 1 Executive Summary.. 3 2 Final report.. 5 2.1 Background.. 5 2.2 Proposed amendments and clarifications.. 6 2.2.1 Clarification of the requirements when below the 50 million initial margin threshold.. 6 2.2.2 Extension of the phase-in of the. This article provides an overview of the regulations for initial margin on uncleared OTC derivatives This led to reforms such as the Dodd-Frank Act in the United States and EMIR in Europe. The regulators in each jurisdiction have since adopted legislation which have impacted the industry at-large. UMR is a subset of these global reforms and was first laid out by the BCBS and IOSCO in.

Die Initial Margin stellt also denjenigen Geldbetrag dar, der als Sicherheitsleistung immer vorhanden sein muss und der, nur begrenzt durch Verluste, minimiert werden darf. Newsletter. Unser. Field Initial margin posted is conditional. If field 1.21 (Collateralisation) is populated with OC or FC, this field shall be populated. If field 1.21 (Collateralisation) is populated with U or PC, this field shall be left blank. After 8 March 2021 the field Initial margin posted will no longer be optional. Field Variation margin posted is conditional. If field 1.21. Phase-In Initial Margin *Auch Unternehmen, die nicht Emittenten von Finanzinstrumenten sind oder deren Geschäft keine Erlaubnis der BaFin voraussetzt, sind unter bestimmten Umständen von der Aufsicht der BaFin hinsichtlich des Geschäfts in OTC -Derivaten erfasst. Die wesentlichen Pflichten umfassen die Clearing - und Besicherungspflicht, weitere Risiko-minderungstechniken sowie. Article 9 EMIR Article 81 EMIR Revised EMIR RTS and ITS Article 9 Revised EMIR RTS Article 81 Applicable Technical Standards (RTS and ITS) drafted in 2012 and 2013 Detection of deficiencies and limitations after application dates Guidance provided in Q&A to address deficiencies Revised RTS will move non-binding Q&A guidance into binding technical standards and include additional changes. EMIR Refit obliges CCPs to provide its clearing members with a simulation tool allowing them to determine the amount of additional initial margin, on a gross basis, that the CCP may require on clearing a new transaction. The results of the simulation will not be binding. Suspending the clearing obligatio

Initial Margin - boerse.de-Wirtschaftslexikon: Auch: Initial Rate Sicherheitsleistung, die bei der Eröffnung einer Terminkontrakt-Position gegenüber der Clearingstelle als Einschuss zu.. EMIR Refit obliges CCPs to provide its clearing members with a simulation tool allowing them to determine the amount of additional initial margin, on a gross basis, that the CCP may require on clearing a new transaction. The results of the simulation will not be binding. 8. Suspending the clearing obligatio 3. Margin requirements. Margin and collateral standards for cleared OTC derivatives. Firms will have to pay, from day one, initial and variation margins, on cleared OTC derivative transactions, in highly liquid collateral (cash, gold, government bonds, etc.), subject to appropriate haircuts to reflect the inherent risks involved

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Under article 89 UK EMIR we have assessed requests for a temporary clearing exemption from pension scheme arrangements falling within Article 2(10)(c) of UK EMIR and EEA pension scheme arrangements falling within article 2(10)(c) and (d) of EU EMIR , that are encountering difficulties in meeting the variation margin requirements. We have published the list of types of entities and types of. Status of initial margin requirements under CFTC, prudential regulator, and SEC rules. Home Perspectives Status of initial margin requirements under CFTC, prudential regulator, and SEC rules. On July 9, 2019, the CFTC issued new guidance relieving swap dealers that are subject to the CFTC's initial margin requirements for uncleared OTC swaps from complying with documentation requirements. Margin Rules 101. The Non-Cleared Margin Rules require counterparties in non-cleared over-the-counter (OTC) derivative trades to exchange initial margin (IM) and variation margin (VM) with each other. These rules began life in 2009, when the G20 countries committed to reforming the OTC derivatives market in the wake of the financial crisis. The G20 agreed to two major reforms: The first was. Margin - Policies, Procedures and Documentation 13 Legal Review 13 Segregation of IM 14 IM Calculation 15 Eligible Collateral 17 Collateral Valuation - Haircuts 20 IM Collateral Concentration Limits 21 Cross-Border Trades 22 Contacts 24 Updated 27 January 2017 Margin rules for uncleared derivatives have now been finalised in the EU and in the US (separately by bank regulators and the CFTC.

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artículo 11.15 de EMIR y tiene como punto de partida la primera versión que las AES presentaron a la Comisión el 5 de diciembre de 2019 relativa a los requisitos de Initial Margin aplicables a los contratos de divisas a plazo y de swaps liquidados físicamente, a los contratos intragrupo y a los contratos de opciones sobre acciones. No obstante, en respuesta al brote de Covid-19, el Final. INITIAL MARGIN IMPLEMENTATION FOR 2019 AND 2020 INITIAL MARGIN IMPLEMENTATION FOR 2019 AND 2020 Preparing for the Challenges of 2019 and 2020 Initial Margin Implementation In August 2018 the United Kingdom's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) published a research note which identified a likely ten-fold increase in firms needing to comply with the initial margin requirements for uncleared. EMIR: Exchange of collateral for uncleared OTC derivatives. On 15th December 2016, the European Commission published the delegated regulation of 4th October 2016 on over-the-counter derivatives and established a requirement to exchange variation and/or initial margins on OTC derivatives not cleared by a central counterparty EMIR Variation Margin Rules Effective March 1, 2017. One of the regulatory pillars of the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) is the requirement for parties to collateralize the marked-to-market exposure in over-the-counter derivatives transactions (OTC derivatives) that are not cleared by a central clearing system Zusätzlich wendet die Bank für bestimmte Gegenparteien mit US-Nexus auch entsprechende US Initial Margin-Bestimmungen an. Zur Erleichterung des Risikomanagements unserer Gegenparteien und Kunden verwenden wir auch den ISDA Regulatory Self-Disclosure Letter der hier unter der Rubrik EMIR zur Verfügung gestellt wird

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Initial margin is the percentage of the purchase price of securities (that can be purchased on margin) that the investor must pay for with his own cash or marginable securities; it is also called. Phase 5 expects 200 entities to be in-scope to post initial margin or 4 times the amount of phases 1-4. Read our blog on the Challenges of Phase 5 Initial Margin for Uncleared Derivatives. Determine whether you can meet the challenges of posting initial margin or whether your firm would be better off clearing through a CCP. The Challenges of Phase Five Initial Margin . The New IBOR. Share this. Die nationale Umsetzung von EMIR erfolgte auch im Zentralen Gegenparteien Vollzugsgesetz (ZGVG), welches seit 14.11.2012 in Kraft ist. Gemäß § 2 ZGVG ist die FMA in Österreich die zuständige Aufsichtsbehörde für die Überwachung der Einhaltung der Anforderungen aus EMIR von Zentralen Gegenparteien (CCPs) und nichtfinanziellen Gegenparteien

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initial margin* Marcell Béli - Kata Váradi Our article presents amethodology for determining the initial margin requirement that complies with the EMIR regulation in effect since 2012, while also taking into account market participants' demands and needs in connection with establishing the initial margin. The task of central counterparties that operate behind stock exchanges is to take. The EU's EMIR Margin RTS, the US Dodd-Frank Act and other key global regulations have been phasing in a requirement for counterparties with more than $/EUR 8 billion (or equivalent) gross notional amount of uncleared OTC derivatives to collect Initial Margin (IM) from other similarly affected counterparties derivative contracts (EMIR Article 11(3)) that have not been cleared, i.e. settled by a central counterparty ( P). After the adoption of the ommission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/2251 of the European ommission of 4 October 2016, the initial margin (IM) is also applied to bilateral derivative contracts. The counterparties undertake to provide initial margins under a collateral arrangement.

Joint RTS on amendments to the bilateral margin

The key EMIR requirement, namely the initial / variation margin exchange obligation for uncleared contracts, only came into application in early 2017 (Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/255). Effective from 1 March 2017, the exchange of variation margins is mandatory (except in special cases). Although the law has set this as a firm date, the various regulators (local, European or international. eine anfängliche Zahlung (Initial Margin) geleistet wird und laufend eine sog. Variation Margin gezahlt wird, die sich aus der Differenz des von Tag zu Tag variierenden Marktwerts des Geschäfts ergibt und von der CCP ermittelt wird. Grundlegende Begriffe der EMIR Seite 5 von 18 2.3 Clearingmitglied (EMIR, Art. 2 Ziff. 14); siehe auch Begründung 33, 64, 65, Art. 36 [] ein Unternehmen, das. portfolios i.e. above EUR 3 trillion, the EMIR margin requirements (both initial and variation margin) will take effect from 4 February 2017. Initial margin requirements will otherwise be phased in by reference to outstanding relevant uncleared derivatives until 1 September 2020 and the EMIR variation margin requirements will now generally take effect on 1 March 2017, fol-lowing the same. EMIR is relevant for EEA fund managers because all AIFs with authorised or registered AIFMs under AIFMD, and all UCITS funds, will be classified as financial counterparties under EMIR and will be subject to the full array of EMIR's obligations (explained below). In addition, funds (and other vehicles) established in the EEA which are not UCITS or AIFs will also become subject to certain risk.

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Einführung eines Regulatory Reporting Hubs zur Erfüllung von MiFID II und EMIR. Im Rahmen von MiFD II hat sich eine internationale Börsengruppe mit Sitz in Frankfurt dazu entschieden, einen Reporting Hub zur Erfüllung von Transparenz- und Meldepflichten für ihre Kunden aufzubauen. Weiterlesen. Fachliche Konzeption und Umsetzung der Initial-Margin-Anforderungen. Firstwaters unterstützt. Diese Margin ergibt sich aus den 10 Kontrakten und der Initial-Margin von ca 1.750 USD. pro Kontrakt. Der Kontraktwert der Position beträgt jedoch 617.750 USD. Dieser Kontraktwert errechnet sich. BCBS and IOSCO Wisely Agree to Extend Initial Margin Requirements. September 9, 2019. 9:00 am. In July, BCBS and IOSCO agreed to extend the final implementation of margin requirements for non-centrally cleared derivatives. In a press release, the organizations acknowledged that while progress has been made to implement the framework, it did not. The use of permitted initial margin thresholds, which are discussed in detail in Element 2, the eligibility of a broad range of eligible collateral, which is discussed in detail in Element 4, the ability to re-hypothecate some initial margin collateral under strict conditions, which is discussed in Element 5, as well as the triggers that provide for a gradual phase-in of the requirements. Initial Margin Requirement Calculations. Initial margin requirements are determined by the amount of leverage that your broker offers. A leverage of 100:1 requires a minimum margin of 1% of the total position size. Let's use another example: If you have a $10,000 trading account, you could theoretically open a position size worth $1,000,000 with your total account size allocated as the.

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